Meeting Jean Paul Gaultier creations...just Milan!

Some days before Christmas holidays I was walking in the centre of Milan to look for  nice gifts that are beautiful and useful too (not as the 50% of the gifts that are just useful as rubbish). So, in via Manzoni one fo the most important streets of the centre of Milan there are two riproductions of the  Jean-Paul Gaultier parfums: Le Male and Classique. The first one in front of Versace Palace and the second one in front of the Illulian boutique. Btw, I don't want to pay attention on the history or the qualities of these parfums (amazing...) but I desire that you think about the more diffusion of fashion. I spoke a lot of times about this idea because I believe is the contemporary key to understand the evolution of fashion world. You remember the strange, unreal, idea of a very closed,  fashion system? Ok, I believe that only with an open-mind and with a totally absence of clichè is possible to really understand the meaning of these purposes and the truly meaning that's inside fashion: communication!

Images by my iPhone

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