Jan Taminiau...couturier or crazy designer?

Jan Taminiau born in Netherland in the 1975 and he worked near a lot of important designer, in particular close Oliver Theyskens. we could see a lot of Theyskens influences in his collections. I knew it with this very particular pic of Lady Gaga who wore a creation of him. So, I decided to take more information about his past collection. I discovered (at least for me that I didn't know him) a new designer which owns a very personal style that is a mix of gothic, elegant, chic and "classic couture" style: the result? Ethereal women that have a big knowledge of themselves. But, as all the best designers, he is also very eclectic... In fact he presented collections full of historical referrements (the empire one....is gorgeus!) or volumes. In the "check, check, mate!" collection we can see an evolution of the british style (I'm thinking ot Vivienne Westwood clothes) that is going to the couture world. I love his high-fashion approach and his desire to overtake the classical borders of couture.
In the end, you can see first of all Lady Gaga, then his shows: some of them are r-t-w ones and some of them couture ones... I suggest you to watch all the shows on his website.

Images and officiale website:
[Lady Gaga] Red Carpet Fashion Awards
Jan Taminiau

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