Lanvin....greek goddess!

This dress is an amazing gabardine and satin washed minidress from the s/s 2011 of Lanvin. Lanvin takes a lot of inspirations from the ancient goddess (obviously, I'm referring not to the "divinities" but to their sculptures...). The drapes, the silhouette, the absence of big volumes or the exagerations of volumes, strong women: this is  a summary of the main features of the "Lanvin woman". So this dress is a bit strange for its colors and initially it could seem a bit strange, unconventional, maybe ugly...But then it is addictive. You want it, you need it, all yur attention is captured by the leather belt, then by the satin asimmetrical detail and then by the minidress for its aestethic. So, I can say that this is the most representatvie dress of the Lanvin essence, Elbaz vision of fashion.

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