Delfina Delettrez... jewels!

Delettrez has a unique view of the world: the idea of the "memento mori" with the earrings about 2012 and the necklace with the hands and the animal bones is so dark that only the addition of the rubins can give to the jewels a new taste of glamour and happiness. Truly interesting the use of the spiders (you remember the bracelets made by Bottega Veneta with the scrabbles...)!

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Delfina Delettrez

Margiela's winter...

Here we have some accessories made by Margiela. the first one is a fur pochette that should be worn with the fur coat made by Margiela for this f/w. The shoes are more complicated: the first ones have a strange shape and are really conceptual so anyone could decide if they are beautiful or not. The second pairs have the peculiarity to put the hallux in a separate position and I think that the  boots are perfect to make more nice a gothic outfit. The third pair is amazing...On LuisaViaRoma you can find also a pair of boots with the same heel. It's just the heel that gives to the shoes that taste of  creativityand glamour that is a peculiarity of Margiela.

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Maison Martin Margiela (online shop)

Bottega Veneta handbags....

Maier makes every time wonderful works for Bottega Veneta and these bags show it!! In fact, the classicis redesigned in a new way with the addition of the "plissè" and in amazing nuances: like pink, intense blue or the classic black.  I also invited you to pay attention about the "contrast" between the different parts of the bags: the handle is classic soft leather, the bag is in classic intrecciato and at the center there' s the plissè... "intrecciato".

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Bottega Veneta

Kirkwood's heels... amazing!

I don't translate all the things that I wrote in the italian version but I only tell to you that in these shoes is very important the heel, as it's important in all the Kirkwood's creations with the platform...And I desire to leave you this idea: why all the people speak about Louboutin, Blahnik and the more "experts" about Ferragamo and Rossi and noone thinks about the visonary design of Kirkwood? It could be fault of the mass media and movies (like SATC) or the people doesn't really want to understand the fashion world and know about it?

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Nicholas Kirkwood

Kris Van Assche...sneakers!

I love these sneakers. in the first pic are caracterized from a small  squared made with leather and in the second they are so essential. Yes, Van Assche is the king of essential style and his sneaker are so minimalistic and has such an elegance, bu tat the same time glamour, appearance that are irresistible.

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Kris Van Assche


Today we observe the shoes made from Philo for Celine (a genius...) that has the fur inside the shoes and not outdside. All the designers put the fur everywhere but Celine decides to put it inside. Then we have those amazing bags that are unique in their shapes and appearance. They haven't the same appeal of bags like Birkin or Jackie but have somethign unique that make them desiderable!

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An amazing cluth...and other things!

The idea to develop the theme of scarab beetle on earring, bracelets and clutch is amazing. I watn to put your attention on the clutch, almost 8000$ on Bottega Veneta's website, and the nmoves it to other things. I love all the fashion jewellery and the colors of it; for me are amazing.
I thought to purpose you a match for the clutch and the jewellery. I thought to this wonderful Chloè dress with some chiffon and developed on the green thones! The model of the dress. that reminds us the greek godness, is so "in" today. Then for the shoes I thought to a pair of YSl tribute sandals made in ostrich or for a very particular pair of flat, by Bottega Veneta, colored with a lot of different, schocking, greens. I love all the things that I purposed ot you!

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Bottega Veneta

Hermés...adv f/w 2010 womenswear

I'm ever surprised, and satisfied, from Hermès adv. In fact their advertising are always set in inusual places and situations, and the most interesting thing is the feeling communicated from the adv. In this case the woman expresses a sense of "stupor" that I read as an astonishment for the bautiful of the night and, of course, of Hermès creations.The second pic has a magic atmosphere of mystery that gives us a sense of curiosity about the scene and put the carrè at the center of the attention: nothing knows how to valorize a product as Hermès does!


I really love the mix, made from Hermès, between shearling and suede all on a bag and what kind of bag? Of course the Kelly and, the mini-Kelly. Obviously the big Kellly is mroe beautiful but also the small one has its beauty. I know, and I think that everyone knows, I'll miss, and we'll miss, Gaultier ideas and style!!!
What do you think about these bags?

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