Jacobs and Vuitton...two shoes, one heel!

In the f/w 2009 Louis Vuitton purposes ana amzing pairs of shoes with a clepsydra heel that was decorated by two pearls in the middle of the heel. For the following sprins, s/s 2011, Marc Jacobs repurposed this heel with some differences. The heel is more similar to a stiletto and in the middle there is only one glittered, silver, pearl that "substains" all the heel. I believe that the two shoes represents two differents kind of girl: the Vuitton one is somehting more strong for women who known perfectly their fashion preference, their style; the second one, Jacobs one, is for the girls who are still understanding their fashion style, like a meatamorphosis. In fact, I belive that Jacobs in his two principal lines (Marc Jacobs and Vuitton, forget, at least now, his young line Marc by Marc Jacobs) thinks to two different kind of woman (like the most old one and the most young one, but not in age, in knowledge of their own style). It is very confused what I wrote but I'm sure that you'll understand the concept, at least.

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