Nancy Gonzalez...crocodile handbags!

Nancy Gonzalez is one of my favourite handbags designers....I love, in particular, two things of her style. The unconventional mix of materials, for example, crocodile and piton or the celeb handbag realized in crocodile and cork. The other thing are the prices....In fact, Nancy purposes crocodile handbags since 3500 dollars...So, this is amazing because in all the other cases the brands, when only speak about "crocodile", put the price at 5000 dollars (in the best situation....). By the way, I don't want to make a comparison between the Hermès lavoration of the crocodile leather (unique) or the Gucci rubbered crocodile, but it's clear that Nancy is very honest on the prices.
I suggest you to see her s/s 2011 collection and, however, I want  that you pay attention to the awesome lavoration of the following bags. It's also amazing the matching of the crocodile leather and the other kind of leather.

Cork and crocodile handbag-Borsa in sughero e coccodrillo

Images and shop on-line:
Neiman Marcus 

Officiale Nancy Gonzalez website:
Nancy Gonzalez

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