Carrè Hermès...ethnic patchwork!

The carrès of Hermès are something so known and so famous that when someone speaks baout them there's always the risk to appear boring . So when I decided to do this post I was really in doubt but I chose to speak about them because I found these amazing foulards. The main feature of these ones is the print: a wonderful, ethnic print characterized by animalier prints. The prints are purposed in gold nuances, in greys nuances (like the zebras),  or in the dark red ones. It's especially interesting the "h print" in the last carrè where the "h" appear like the rosettes of the real animals and give to the foulards a fresh appearance. As we know the animalier clothes and accessories are something really dangerous (you know the "streetwalker effect"...) but when someone is chic, glamourous, trendy, sexy and elegant with an animalier accessory....what a big satisfaction!

Images and shop on-line:

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