Capes are always... trendy!

Capes are always chic. During f/w 2010 a lot of designers showed them and now the trend came back thanks to Alexander Wang, Valli, Burberry and Pilati which dedicated some outfit to the capes.  Alexander Wang used the cape to revision his own urban style and capes give to it a glamourous touch that sometimes is lost by a too urban aesthetic. Saint Laurent, Pilati, developed an absolutely new model maybe the chicest cape ever seen that is very very elegant. Burberry, Bailey, showed a transparent cape with black details that during rainy days would be the best choice. Azzaro added some fur to give a personal touch to the cape. Elbaz for Lanvin showed a very complex and sophisticated model  in a nice beige with a nice detail just on the neck: very easy, almost minimalistic, but with the characteristic Lanvin silhouette. Valli didn't show capes but he just use the characteristic shape of capes to "cover" the upper part of the dresses. Owens has a very unique style that allows him to mix his own metropolitan vision of the world with the chic appeal of Paris.
In conclusion capes are still one of the collect trends and I absolutely love them!
Alexander Wang

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent

Alexander McQueen

Burberry Prorsum

Rick Owens


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Vogue Italia 

Gaetano Perrone...innovative shoes!

At the Vogue Fashion Corner I also saw the collection of Gaetano Perrone. This designer experienced at Alexander McQueen and started at Berardi. Her also worked for Ferragamo, Kenzo, Dior, Sergio and Gianvito Rossi. In this collection we can see the "ball as the peculiar element" and the color blocking. The use of feathers and the lightness of some textures is amazing and it develops an amazing shape for the feet. The heels are kinda simple with some particular details like the balls but also a separation between the "heel" and the "toe", obtained with the colors. My favorite one is the shoes in the third picture . It's also nice the platform that is of the right size not exaggerate and not asymmetrical, the simplicity of creativity....quoting Franca Sozzani, sometimes is interesting seeing how designer contain their own genius. 

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Gaetano Perrone

Lady Gaga...Valentino green leather coat!

I don't want to speak always about Lady Gaga but is just that I saw this amazing Valentino green leather coat on Net-a-Porter and I would like to write about it and so I think that to show a nice celeb that wore it would have been more interesting. So, even if we are used to the strange outfits of Lady Gaga for the first time she just wore something elegant and nothing else.  The coat is very simple and I think that even if I don't like the philosophy of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli I believe  that they are amazing in creating accessories and coats. The dresses are very sophisticated but not so interesting, they are too boring even if Franca Sozzani appreciate them a lot. The peculiarity of the coat is the perfect silhouette, the bright color and the double breasted bottons with some details on the shoulder that are between the military style and the classic "elegance" of the coats.

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Vogue Italia 
Red Carpet Fashion Awards 

A-Morir...visionary sunglasses!

This is one of the new brands which were showing their creations at the Vogue Talents Corner at Palazzo Morando.
A-Morir is a unique and creative eyewear collection by Kerin.Rose. A lot of celebs such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna or Ke$ha wore these sunglasses. The use of pearls, decoration and unusual details make these sunglasses absolutely interesting and innovative. I especially love the artistic perspective of this brand that give more importance to fashion than to the commercial side. It's very nice that there are still up-and-coming brands which care about fashion and not just money. This nice young designer developed also some sunglasses like the black ones that outside look all "closed" but from the behind of the lenses you can easily watch thanks to a handmade lavoration. The use of gold and  crystals help, as well, to make these pieces of art more glamourous and contemporary. I really suggest you to visit the website and to find out something more about this amazing talent.
My favorite one are the feathers one and the black one, which are your favorite ones?

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A morir by Kerin Rose

Noritaka Tatehana...skyscraping platform!

Noritaka Tatehana was born in Japan 1985 and he recently created his own brand. I think that you have yet seen some of his very recognizable creations. The key-concept (or if you want the DNA of the maison) of these shoes is the "withouth-heel" sky scraping shoes. The power of these  pieces of art is all in the platform and could remind (just to quote some example from the Runway) the Nina Ricci by Theyskens shoes from the f/w 09/10 or the Berardi ones from s/S 2008; if we think to the fall collection we could think about the wedges of McQueen; if we think to the s/s 2012 there is Zanotti with this amazing wedges. Now the biggest fans are Lady Gaga and Daphne Guinnes. It's like Lady Gaga is living with these show since she wears theme everywhere. I like the idea of having an "invisible heel" of on average 10 inches (25 centimetres) that allow you to seem tall with an avant-garde outfit without adding "heavy heels" (from the aesthethic perspective) to the outfit. The only doubt is about the future of this designer: how long can Tatehana go on with this shoes? Wouldn't they look boring if every season he shows the same concept? If he changes his style (other kind of shoes) wouldn't he change the own DNA of the maison and, so, loose his own identity?... Too much questions, but at the moment I appreciate the unpredictable shoes of this Japanese designer.).

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Noritaka Tatehana
Gaga Fashionlad
Daphne Guinness skate boots!

Dsquared's shoes in the last seasons are the most admired and maybe the most interesting. So, for this winter the creative twins purpose this ice skate boots, their aesthetic is creative and trendy. On the runway the models walk in a way more normal than with other shoes that look more classic (no one fell...). I believe that these shoes will be very popular this winter and that communicate in a wonderful way the concept of the entire collection. The Dsquared woman would like to be chic but with a touch of sportly chic and with a sex appeal (the high heel). 
From my point of view the high boots are better than the low one, because the more sensuality of the model compensates the sport appearance of the heel. The only thing that I'm still wondering is... when the street are iced these boots are useful as a pair of real ice skate boots?

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