Stylish Blogger award

Angelica NG from Red-Soled Fashionista nominated my blog in her list of fifteen stylish blogger for the Stylish Blogger Award. I really thank her for this opportunity and she is so nice (with her comments on my posts and with this nomination) that my english is not enough good to thank her in the way that I want.
So, I have to say seven things about myself and I hope not to be too much boring or stupid :)

  1. It's so obvious...I lvoe fashion.  I've loved fashion since I was a child and I spent a lot of time to watch the runway show since the age of 11 years....Then, I  understood that fashion starts from the show but goes on with  bloggers, magazines, windows, e-commerce websites....So I acquired a more specific knowledge of fashion wen I started to read magazines, blogs and so on.
  2. I'm a very cynic boy, but it's a nice cinism....or maybe I hope :)
  3. I love philosophy, I find it really interesting and my favourite philosophers are Nietzsche, Gorgias, Protagoras and all the sophists. I agree with the relativism and nihilism ideas: I know that's strange to hear someone that love relativism and nihilism but I believe that a good interpretation of this ideas could be usefull also for a more conceptual conception of fashion.
  4. I hate closed-mind people and all the stupid clichès that, at least in Italy, are present almost everywhere.
  5. I'm atheist, I believe that could be not so interestign to know this thing (maybe it is) but it's a very important part of myself and so I believe that you should know this.
  6. I love skiing and climbing: are my favourite sports and I couldn't live without them.
  7. In the end, I love horror movies. I find them really inspiring and sometimes interesting, especially the ability of this kind of movies to take you so far from the reality and travel in a different, sometimes scaring, world where everything is possible and everything is dangerous....exciting!
I should also nominate other 15 stylish blogger and I want, since now, to say that I don't nominate them in "order of importance" but it's compeltely casual the order, of course.
  1. Malibu & Ananas
  2. Pop Culture
  3. Love & Labels
  4. Le Vaisseau Sélénite
  5. Sprezza2Raw
  6. Girl a la mode
  7. Lolita says so
  8. Fashion fabrice
  9. The style child
  10. The lovely san 
  11. Atelier's Closet
  12. Winn some smile
  13. Molto Fashion
  14. Le Roi Coquette
  15. Yeah it's shyy
The fifteen stylish bloggers that I nominated should make a post like this one (with seven things about themselves and nominate 15 fashion bloggers) and also to thank me, on their post, for the nomination....the last thing is amazing :)

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