Men outfit....for new year parties!

Yesterday we spoke about the women outfits....So, today I purpose some outfits from the f/w 2010 menswear collection that are amazing for those men who are corageous and who are "fashion addicted".

Images via:
New York Magazine

Women outfits...for old year's night!

Today I purpose you a wonderful journey in the past collection to look for a conceptual, ideal, look for the old year's night.

Images via:
Vogue Italia

Stylish Blogger award

Angelica NG from Red-Soled Fashionista nominated my blog in her list of fifteen stylish blogger for the Stylish Blogger Award. I really thank her for this opportunity and she is so nice (with her comments on my posts and with this nomination) that my english is not enough good to thank her in the way that I want.
So, I have to say seven things about myself and I hope not to be too much boring or stupid :)

  1. It's so obvious...I lvoe fashion.  I've loved fashion since I was a child and I spent a lot of time to watch the runway show since the age of 11 years....Then, I  understood that fashion starts from the show but goes on with  bloggers, magazines, windows, e-commerce websites....So I acquired a more specific knowledge of fashion wen I started to read magazines, blogs and so on.
  2. I'm a very cynic boy, but it's a nice cinism....or maybe I hope :)
  3. I love philosophy, I find it really interesting and my favourite philosophers are Nietzsche, Gorgias, Protagoras and all the sophists. I agree with the relativism and nihilism ideas: I know that's strange to hear someone that love relativism and nihilism but I believe that a good interpretation of this ideas could be usefull also for a more conceptual conception of fashion.
  4. I hate closed-mind people and all the stupid clichès that, at least in Italy, are present almost everywhere.
  5. I'm atheist, I believe that could be not so interestign to know this thing (maybe it is) but it's a very important part of myself and so I believe that you should know this.
  6. I love skiing and climbing: are my favourite sports and I couldn't live without them.
  7. In the end, I love horror movies. I find them really inspiring and sometimes interesting, especially the ability of this kind of movies to take you so far from the reality and travel in a different, sometimes scaring, world where everything is possible and everything is dangerous....exciting!
I should also nominate other 15 stylish blogger and I want, since now, to say that I don't nominate them in "order of importance" but it's compeltely casual the order, of course.
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The fifteen stylish bloggers that I nominated should make a post like this one (with seven things about themselves and nominate 15 fashion bloggers) and also to thank me, on their post, for the nomination....the last thing is amazing :)

Giambattista Valli...mousseline!

You remember, surely, this dress from the s/s 2011 collection of Giambattista Valli. The dress is purposed to the public with a difference: is transformed into a  mini-dress. I like this idea because the dress on the runway (beautiful too) is a bit much "heavy" and the "mini version" is more wearable and chic. I love especially the elegant contrast of the mousseline of the top of the dress and the colorfull and full of energy print of the skirt....amazing! I also must say that this is the most beautiful collection that I've ever seen from him. I'm dying to see what he'll purpose for the f/w 2012 and to see his future projects....!

Images and shop on-line: 

YSL Muse...colorfull!

The muse of Yves Saint Laurent is an iconic handbag that occupies, surely, one of the most important position in an hypotetic it-bags list. So YSL is often a conformist in its anticonformism. I want to say that sometimes YSl creations are developed on creative, genious and fresh ideas but are made with colors, silhouettes and (in some cases) shapes that are very classic. The bag about which we speak today is completely different. The new Muse Multicolor is realized, obviously, in soft leather and purposes a completely innovative and different concept of patchwork and "creativity". The composition made by different, soft, colors is not a heavy patchwork full of strange colors. The lightness of the color, the soft appearance and the sweet fusion of the different pieces of leather are the basic elements to create this wonderful bag. It represents a different concept of patchwork: no asimmetric and casual lines, no fluo or shocking colors....Simple shapes, simple cuts, simple colors: new bag! I love it, if it is still not clear!

Images and shop on-line: 

Louboutin and Atwood....Mesh!

I don't want to speak a lot in this psot. Only two things are important: first of all that both Atwood and Louboutin decided to integrate in their shoes a mesh secondly that this mesh has a lovely fetish taste and sexy, of course. Is this fetish taste an effect of the burlesque of the Von Teese for instance (so is an effect of a more spread interest about "sexual practice") or only a "style trend" not connected with any sexual referrement?

Images and shop on-line:

Merry Christmas...with a fashion Christmas Tree


Images via my iPhone:
Christmas tree at Piazza Duomo, Milan covered by Swarovski elements.

Emilio Pucci printed...skirt!

This skirt of Emilio Pucci is the symbol of the most spread and interesting trends of our epoque: the prints. In fact, we could see Erdem, Prada, Williamson, Custo, Proenza Schouler, Gucci, Marni, Versace... And especially on the red carpets we see how a colorfull print could refresh and make interesting a boring look. So Pucci before with Williamson and now with Peter Dundas is everywhere on every stars. This skirt shows one of the infinitive Pucci's print and maybe this is the most common Pucci print. The hem with a contrast print is truly particular because draw a special silhouette on this maxi skirt that, as we seaw some day ago, is a trend of this season.

Images and shop on-line:

Manish Arora for Nespresso...Milano!

I went some days ago to the Nespresso boutique in the centre of milan: Via Pietro Verri (near, for instance, Tom Ford). The boutique was strangely funny and full of life (normally it is very serious, as a shop of coffe is) because the capsules of the coffe become alive with amazing composition of angels and other figures. All these is an amazing installation of the creative designer Manish Arora. Maybe you remmember a lot of his strange clothes. It's the first time that I see such a creative and full of fashion collaboration at Nespresso so I hope that this is the demonstration and the beginning of a more big spread of fashion...Because from this to other collaborations with the designers we see that fashion is everywhere and so everyone needs to know, or better to understand, it.

Images shot by my iPhone

RED Valentino....jersey dress!

RED Valentino is the "young" line of valentino that has also a "charity" aim. It's amazing (for me) how today the second lines of the designer are acquiring more importance in the fashion system. I can think to McQ (young line of McQueen) that was the subject of an article on Vogue Italia just about this thing, But also the low cost lines of the designers, designed for chains like H&M (recently Lanvin, but also Rykiel, Choo...), Gap (recently Valentino) or Mango (Zuhair Murad). We can see that the past division between riches and poors at least in the fahsion sistem is not so present. I'm not saying that today there aren't social classes in the fashion system (that's not true!) but maybe there's not the past clichè that the "rich" people wear expensive dress and the poor ones "cheap" dresses. So, all this paragraph to say that this dress designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, for RED Valentino, is amazing for the price (just 280 euros), the design (I love the clepsydra silhouette), the match of materials: tulle and jersey, together, create a lovely light effect that makes this mini-dress right for parties or chic evenings.

Images and shop on-line:
LuisaViaRoma (Florence)

Haider Ackermann...f/w 2010

I love the Ackermann vision of the fashion. I'm every time surprised by the volumes and the geometries, the shapes that he creates with the leather. Here we can see an amazing example about the use of the laser. The evening dress comunicates a new sensuality based around cut-out leather floreal long dress, mysterious women and oversize coat. Yes, the beautiful thing of this collection is the contraddition that is present in it: the slim fit of the mini dresses and of the pants and the oversize wool coats. The black coats and the oversize, asimmetric, dresses give a sense of mystery that makes these women simply wonderful.
 Furthermore the sofisticated and particular use of the fur is so new.

Images via:
Vogue Italia

Sara Battaglia handbags...fringes!

Giovanna Battaglia is the elder sister of Sara Battaglia. Sara is an up-and-coming bags designer who is especially interested in fringes. Her last creations were about classic bags (classic about the shapes, at least) with some fringes. But for the following s/s she purposes handbags that are completely decorated by fringes, so the fringes made the bag and the appearance is something like an "infinite bag" that hasn't a "solid structure". The result, for me, it's special, at least new, and is also interesting the trend that these bags represent. In fact a lot of designers are using the fringes in their creations: the fringes are becoming the "heart" of the accesories and clothes. For instance, Trussardi 1911 purposed for this f/w men sneakers totally made with fringes (in suede), Gucci and Versace for the following s/s presented elegant dresses taht are made with a large use of fringes. So, I believe that these bags are the "model" of a trend that will remain in the fashion system for a long time, I think.

Images and shop on-line:
LuisaViaRoma (Florence)

Charlotte Olympia...fruits!

Charlotte Olympia is an up-and-coming brand that is specialized in shoes. Its creations are often carhacterized by an elegant, chic and innovative style. So, when I saw this eccentric and really funny shoes I remained a bit "astonished". But then, by watching them with more attention, they look really beautiful maybe for the match of the wood of the heel and the fresh, but not fluo, colors of the suede. The fruits, summer fruits (like bananas, strawberries...), could appear stupid but they could also give that "young touch" for a trendy outfit in a spring hot afternoon in a caotic big city, to contrast,  for instance, the monotony of the colors of the skyscrapers of New York.

Images and shop on-line:
LuisaViaRoma (Florence)

Jil sander s/s 2011 dress...that shape!

This shiny nylon popeline dress is made by Raf Simons for Jil Sander. The dress draws a new silhouette on the women and its unique shape remind me a bit the "square" dresses of Margiela for the s/s 2011: in fact, both the dresses change completely the women body (Sander is a bit more wearable...) and the result is strange, particular but not so bad....I say conceptual, someone else could say "only stupid fashion", but these are only opinions. I love the dress for the color ,a light pink ,but especially because Simons show that he is more interesting in eveningwear: too much often in his collection is only present the, elegant and chic, daywear with a totally absence (or almost...) of the evening dresses.
I believe, also, that this dress is the summary of the minimalism vision, of fashion of course, of Simons that his one of the most important representants of "contemporary minimalism" and it's boring that everyone when we say "Minimalism" answers "Armani".

Please avoid the clichè, as Madonna say in "  Die another day".

Images and shop on-line:

Louis Vuitton...fur boots!

I saw these boots on the Vuitton shop on-line and I fell in love with them instantly. I found interesting the elegance and the gold details. The match between suede and the fur is new in this season where everyone from Louboutin to Jimmy Choo, also the faux of Chanel, match fur and leather or only fur: no one used suede near fur, on the boots. The second thing that's interesting is that often Jacobs designs amazing models for the runway collections but for the products that are not presented on the runway he only uses them as an "advertisement on the feet" and I don't like it. But in this case he didn't do it and I appreciated it a lot.

Images and shop on-line:
Louis Vuitton

Handbags...Marras f/w 2010

I saw this handbag in the accessories of the f/w 2010 shows of Antonio Marras. The italian designer, known for his role at the direction of Kenzo, realized a very nice handbag that is a bit ismilar with the Fendi Peekaboo. By the way, I believe that the patchwork of the same material (but in different colors) and the vintage flower on the bag represent perfectly the "Marras aestethic". Furthermore ,is interesting the handle: a chain that has in the middle black lather. The leather "helps" to make the  gold chain more youth and new. 
I have to say that my favourite one is the last one: I totally fall in love with every object that matched red and black together. (Or better dark red and black....).
I have only one question to think about...How does it cost and where it is sold?

Images via:
Vogue Italia

Chanel adv...pre-s/s 2011

This advertisement hasn't something special apart from the use of outfits from a pre-collection. It's unusual and special to see looks completely taken by a precollection. Because, the locations and the campaign in general hasn't anything really new apart from that thing.
In the end I find really beautiful and "very Chanel style" the first shirt, transparence, that looks better in the adv maybe for the dark atmosphere of the pic.

Images via:
Vogue (show pics)
Vogue magazine (the adv, scanned)

Nancy Gonzalez...crocodile handbags!

Nancy Gonzalez is one of my favourite handbags designers....I love, in particular, two things of her style. The unconventional mix of materials, for example, crocodile and piton or the celeb handbag realized in crocodile and cork. The other thing are the prices....In fact, Nancy purposes crocodile handbags since 3500 dollars...So, this is amazing because in all the other cases the brands, when only speak about "crocodile", put the price at 5000 dollars (in the best situation....). By the way, I don't want to make a comparison between the Hermès lavoration of the crocodile leather (unique) or the Gucci rubbered crocodile, but it's clear that Nancy is very honest on the prices.
I suggest you to see her s/s 2011 collection and, however, I want  that you pay attention to the awesome lavoration of the following bags. It's also amazing the matching of the crocodile leather and the other kind of leather.

Cork and crocodile handbag-Borsa in sughero e coccodrillo

Images and shop on-line:
Neiman Marcus 

Officiale Nancy Gonzalez website:
Nancy Gonzalez

Etro...f/w 2010

Etro si famous for its prints, in this show it uses a lot of them. The evening dresses and the daywear ones are caracterized by those prints that are matched with gold colors and sweet shapes. Furthermore, Veronica Etro decided to change a bit the "Etro style" with the addition of some ethnic elements like animalier prints. Then, she uses the fur to underline the elegant (vintage style mixed with something fo the "dandy" ones) style of the "Etro woman". In the end the "double cocktail dress" that is divided into two parts : the first one is red and the second is printed with paisley print (caracteristic of Etro). 
About the accessories I was fascinated by this handbag: with fur and leather, very glamourous.

Images via:
Vogue Italia

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