Céline...a funny skate!

This avertising of Céline had caught my attention soon because of the green of the first pic and the funny skateboard of the second one. Before, speaking about the first. The model is walking on a stair holding a "classic" clutch of the french maison and wearing a cool  pair of trousers and shirt that are really wonderful for their color and  the silhouette that the pants builds on the model's body.
But the really "interesting feature" of the adv is the skate in the seconda image.  
There we see an awesome Céline bag, maybe the most succesfull model,  and a skate. The contrast between the elegance and chic taste of that bag and the funny appeal, really young too, of the skate is something really fashion. This is the kind of fashion that I like, where a simple picture without any stunning landscape becomes so glamourous because of a "innovative element".
The other pics are a developmnent of the first ones and apart from those colorfull prints the main concepts are the same

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