YSL Muse...colorfull!

The muse of Yves Saint Laurent is an iconic handbag that occupies, surely, one of the most important position in an hypotetic it-bags list. So YSL is often a conformist in its anticonformism. I want to say that sometimes YSl creations are developed on creative, genious and fresh ideas but are made with colors, silhouettes and (in some cases) shapes that are very classic. The bag about which we speak today is completely different. The new Muse Multicolor is realized, obviously, in soft leather and purposes a completely innovative and different concept of patchwork and "creativity". The composition made by different, soft, colors is not a heavy patchwork full of strange colors. The lightness of the color, the soft appearance and the sweet fusion of the different pieces of leather are the basic elements to create this wonderful bag. It represents a different concept of patchwork: no asimmetric and casual lines, no fluo or shocking colors....Simple shapes, simple cuts, simple colors: new bag! I love it, if it is still not clear!

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