Today I was walking in Via Manzoni, in the center of Milan near Montenapoleone, and when I saw these wonderful windows at the Valextra flagship store I remained amazed. I don't want to explain you what is Valextra: I'm sure that you all know that Valextra is the symbol of elegance and quallity: so, timeless luxe. The matching of the colors and the few"stones" put at the bottom of every windows  help the "serious" shop to apper a bit more youth. Especially, I love the red crocodile bag (very young) and the bright colors of the other bags (yellow and light blue), almost fluo-colors. In the end, I found really beautiful the red and black shoes.
I'm sorry for the bad quality of the pics, but I shot them with my iPhone...and so the result are not so good!

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