Manish Arora for Nespresso...Milano!

I went some days ago to the Nespresso boutique in the centre of milan: Via Pietro Verri (near, for instance, Tom Ford). The boutique was strangely funny and full of life (normally it is very serious, as a shop of coffe is) because the capsules of the coffe become alive with amazing composition of angels and other figures. All these is an amazing installation of the creative designer Manish Arora. Maybe you remmember a lot of his strange clothes. It's the first time that I see such a creative and full of fashion collaboration at Nespresso so I hope that this is the demonstration and the beginning of a more big spread of fashion...Because from this to other collaborations with the designers we see that fashion is everywhere and so everyone needs to know, or better to understand, it.

Images shot by my iPhone

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