Sara Battaglia handbags...fringes!

Giovanna Battaglia is the elder sister of Sara Battaglia. Sara is an up-and-coming bags designer who is especially interested in fringes. Her last creations were about classic bags (classic about the shapes, at least) with some fringes. But for the following s/s she purposes handbags that are completely decorated by fringes, so the fringes made the bag and the appearance is something like an "infinite bag" that hasn't a "solid structure". The result, for me, it's special, at least new, and is also interesting the trend that these bags represent. In fact a lot of designers are using the fringes in their creations: the fringes are becoming the "heart" of the accesories and clothes. For instance, Trussardi 1911 purposed for this f/w men sneakers totally made with fringes (in suede), Gucci and Versace for the following s/s presented elegant dresses taht are made with a large use of fringes. So, I believe that these bags are the "model" of a trend that will remain in the fashion system for a long time, I think.

Images and shop on-line:
LuisaViaRoma (Florence)

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