Jil sander s/s 2011 dress...that shape!

This shiny nylon popeline dress is made by Raf Simons for Jil Sander. The dress draws a new silhouette on the women and its unique shape remind me a bit the "square" dresses of Margiela for the s/s 2011: in fact, both the dresses change completely the women body (Sander is a bit more wearable...) and the result is strange, particular but not so bad....I say conceptual, someone else could say "only stupid fashion", but these are only opinions. I love the dress for the color ,a light pink ,but especially because Simons show that he is more interesting in eveningwear: too much often in his collection is only present the, elegant and chic, daywear with a totally absence (or almost...) of the evening dresses.
I believe, also, that this dress is the summary of the minimalism vision, of fashion of course, of Simons that his one of the most important representants of "contemporary minimalism" and it's boring that everyone when we say "Minimalism" answers "Armani".

Please avoid the clichè, as Madonna say in "  Die another day".

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