McQueen's winter...on Net-a-Porter

I've posted about the f/w 2010 of McQueen but I'd like now to speak more in details about the single pieces of the show.I desire to put in evidence the contemporary design of this clothes. In fact, the taste of medieval style and baroccan style is perfectly mixed with one of the most important trend of the f/w 2010: the Kimonos. The big sleeves and the "3d" appearance of the dresses give a sense of contemporary that every designer should look for... But in the evening the things change completely: a very sweet dress (with a pair of flies on the back...) mixed the "regality of its shapes" with the very contemporary embroidery that makes the dress perfect for the most elegant events in the world!!
I don't like the shoes: lovely heel and platform but the mix of printed crocodile leather and suede is truly horrible. The kneeboot are the only one "good" of the shoes of the f/w made by McQueen.
P.s.: the only bad detail is the price: the shoes are almost 2000$ and the dresses are from 6000$...

Images and shop on-line:

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