Rick Owens...shoes!

These shoes were thought by Rick Owens for the f/w 2010 collection of menswear. Yes, as I write in the italian version I don't want to speak about the masculinity or femininity of the shoes but only speak about the shoes (however, just as information, Owens is married with a woman and, so, this should let the people with prjudices not to think that these shoes are only for gay people...).
By the way, the shoes are caracterized by the heel and the materials. In fact the esotic leathers as the python and the crocodile give to the shoes a taste of new creativity that's absolutely lovely. Furthermore, this shoes would have been heavy and ugly if they were for womenswear but, because they are for menswear, they have a shape and an appearance that allows everyone to mitch them in the right way. They are right both for a pair of trousers and a men's skirt. My favourite ones are the first: I think that Owens had a good idea but I'd like to see this mind developed better (for example with the addition of something more, as a patchwork...).

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