Ferragamo's creations...

I believe that today Ferragamo looses its famous style in shoes and is more interested abou the clothes and the bags. Before Cristina Ortiz and from some seasons Massimiliano Giornetti developed a new "Salvatore Ferragamo" woman that is more interested about clothes, that's  a bit interested about bags but that isn't interest about shoes: she wears classic, boring, shoes. Oh yeah, today Ferragamo purposes only "old" shoes that have not anything new and youth. It was all different...when there was Salvatore. By the way, the past is only the past and we have to pay attention about the future. So I believe that this "marketing strategy" is the future of a more "poor of creativity" fashion world and a more "rich of money-attention" fashion world. So as Marni did and as other brands will do the maisons are developing some kinds of solutions to re-sell their past collections products.
It's also true that this is a very important idea. In fact, this is an opportunity for the Ferragamo's lovers.
In the end, I believe that the Marni clothes are "wearable" but the "Ferragamo's creations" collection is amazing to be shown on the furniture  but not to be worn. Furthermore, I think that the only shoes that are interesting are the one located in the second pic...the other ones are boring and so old!!!

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Slavatore Ferragamo

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