Tom glamourous!

Tom Ford is so many times nominated for his parfumes, his Gucci's period as creative director, his sunglasses, his film A Single Man (amazing film...) and, after this film, his omosexuality. But why many times don't the people speak about his menswear collection (and, from september of this year also womenswear, for which we are all dying for seeing it...)??
His tipical man is a very sexy man with big sunglasses and very classic suites that are made interesting by details: like creative prints (especially squares) and floreal pochettes... It's like a "contemporary" dandy that gives the inspiration, and maybe takes tha inspiration, to Ford. The jacket are very casual producted with fine materials like suede and leather... And this year there are also very youth jackets: the shorter ones, with squares patterns too, that have a taste of sportly-chic as they are inspired to the ski world.

Images via:
Tom Ford

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