Maxi skirts...trendy!

For this f/w 2010 we can see a lot of maxi skirts. They are of all kinds: from the "gothic" one made by Demeulemeester, to the printed of Erdem and Cavalli and in the end the metallic of Jacobs and Karan. In a period, like our is, where the designers purpose almost every time mini skirts and mini dresses, especially in winter is interesting, from my point of view, seeing more "textile" on the women's bodies. I believe that the long skirts are not "old" clothes or vintage but are very contemporary. Furthermore the different purposes of designer allow the customers to choose between a lot of skirts that are right for almost  every style...(except the "streetwalkers" style...).
Especially the details make this skirts contemporary as a mini-skirt could be.

Images and shop on-line:

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