Versace Atelier...colorfull!

Donatella has "two souls", at least for her collections. One style "rock and really glamourous" and for Versace Atelier a "romantic, sweet" style that allows her to develop these wonderful dresses. The shape, the "light volumes", the material are all inspired by the couture world with a touch of the "Donatella  Versace style". The "classic" sex appeal of Versace dresses is completely modified for a more "elegant and sophisticated" woman.  Even if the shapes are something classic, in this collection, is interesting how the prints, the young colors and the  main elements of Versace Atelier are mixed with these classic dresses. 
The ruches  and the lightness of some dresses is mixed with the exageration and the powerfull  strong colors of the other ones. The result is a great, complete, show. My favourite dress is the first one and the embroidere green one. In the end, I think that the most innovative dress and the best printed "couture inspired" minidress is the last one, I'm speaking in general about the collections made by Donatella.

Images via:
Red Carpet Fashion Awards

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