Jil Sander...fluo without faces!

I'm almost obsessed with Jil Sander, or maybe with the beautiful fluo colours purposed by Simons....Its menswear show for the s/s 2011 was wonderful, the womenswear show too....Then the trend of the "market bags" and the colorfull minalistic dresses which had "conquered" the red carpets...
Now this amazing campaign.  The main idea and the "backgroung" are really classical, how many adv have you seen with a white background? A lots. So, where is the innovation? The new thing is all about faces: here Simons chose a strange thing: not to cover faces, like some designers did, but to "delete" them, only their upper part. So, the result are awesome pics with "half-faces" and, so, all the attention is about color and dresses. In the second pic the effect, at least the one of the first view, is like a "stripes-sea" where we admire an explosion of spring-strong colours.  The last is quite classical but nice too.
I love this adv and my fav one is the first one.... maybe for the mix of colors that is real unusual and for the "strange" materials used to make those clothes and accessories.

Images via:
Fashion Copious

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