Is still "chic" to be naked in an editorial or adv?

Naked women in movies, editorials or advertisement is a speech that every year journalists or people, in general, repurpose. But the most important thing is to divide this "topic": the beauty of naked body, the art that they could represent, and the "revolution, anticonformism" appeal that naked bodies could have. The second concept is, today, obviously out, in the worst meaning of this word. It's patetically boring everyone who in the 2011 thinks that shooting a women or man naked or having sex is something "new", no it was in the 60's with Kubrick, Newton and, for example, the movie called "Pretty Baby", (with a wonderful Brooke Shields). In these case the nakedness was "innovative" in the real meaning of this adjective. So, I could think to some editorials of Richardson or advertising of Tom Ford, in our times, but  in these last cases the attention was most about sex than nudity. The last example is the horror-porno movie Antichrist with long explicit sexual scenes: this is the best example of the concept, with that film  Von Trier didn't want to shock anyone but only to celebrate the human body and other things that don't matter with this post. 
This is the beginning of my thought. I believe the nakedness is really chic today but for only one reason:  human bodies are the most clear example of beauty. I'd like that you think to a thing that is obvious but really important. Every type of clothes have a seam, human body, obviously, no. There is not any dress who fit the silhouette as the "natural dress": skin. These two things to say that the beauty of the body is unique and is the most beautiful kind of beauty in the world, for me. 
Therefore, a good and romantic use of naked women/men is the most interesting and "chic" kind of fashion art that could be imagine by stylists or editors. 
This is the reason because I believe that is still chic, glamorous and trendy to purpose naked people in magazines. I choose three recent images: two adv and an editorial of Vogue Italia. I could choose pics by fashion shows but everyone remind the "transparent" tops of Pilati for YSL or the sensual nudity of Scognamiglio, it's useless to purpose such famous photos. 
The Meisel's pic could develop a question: when vulgarity meets nakedness what happens? First of all, this is not the case of "my" pic because I believe that vulgarity is not a synonim for sensual photos but means absence of beauty and elegance. Of course my answer is: disaster, when vulgarity is mixed with nudity the result are absolutely horrible and when it happens in fashion....Oh gosh, it's so sad.

So, the answer is: YES, it is still chic to photograph naked bodies in fashion pics!

Chanel adv

Versace adv

Vogue Italia Editorial by Steven Meisel (february 2011)

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