S/S 2011...stripes!

Watanabe is become the "symbol" of stripes. For this summer he developed an entire show on this pattern, in a unique way that reflect perfectly his style. This designer that has a lot of success (I think because has learned the creativity by Kawakubo but has a more "commercial" style than CdG or Tao) every season purposes something new. Do you remember that amazing use of denime some springs ago??...gorgeus!  The caracteristic of this s/s shows is the huge variety of stripes, there is not any designer who copy another one or presents stripes that are the same of another designer. From the large ones of Sander (amazing, especially for the perfect integration ith the "silhouette" of that collection) to the exagerate ones of Prada. Ackermann's ones are classic and Cèline purposes an asimmetric version. 
So, my favourite is Ackermann because I think that stripes are a "classic print" it's not something really new so the designer needs to add something if wants to be innvoative. 
In fact, for example, Haider adds his classic "drapes", soft, style.  Then, also, Simons, for Sander, is innovative. The transparences, the shapes and the colors are absolutely cool and fresh. Honestly this is not simple, speaking about "wearability", to wear...It's easy to look as a clown or fatter. So, maybe, in the "real life", "real people", should be inspired by Céline, Wu or Fendi where stripes are limited in a specific part of the outfit (shirt or skirts). The other looks are amazing, I know and I agree, but I think that is better, for everyone, to leave them to editors or models or stars...


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