Versace...huge cork platform!

The shoes of Versace are, every season, so particular, new and "exagerated" that is almost impossible not to think about them. The dresses of this brand are really chic and elagant, maybe a bit sexy but however different from the shoes.
I don't want to criticize them, I like them, but I'd like to make a little reflection on their appearance and, by the fashion point of view, what they mean. 
In this specific case we can see the use of the satin and the cork (for the platform of the second shoes) and a mix between the sportly elements and the chic ones. These shoes are a mix of the most spread trend of this season: the cork, the sport element, the satin, the highest heels...
I believe that they'll have a lot of succes and I find that with a simple outfit they could be amazing. Of course there's the risk to appear like a streetwalker with a terrible wardrobe (yes, everyone could appear like a bitch also in Versace's only a matter of matching). But, a simple girl (no elder than 35) with a simple cocktail dress or leather skirt, will appear (I'm sure!!) amazing in these shoes. To be completely honest my favourite is the second (apart from the heel, too much "Lanvin old style") but also the first is quite interesting.

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