Donna Karan...birds on shoes!

It's a bit strange speaking about a pair of shoes by Donna Karan but when I saw this model I remained amazed and I can't not share my amazement with you. 
This gladiator sandal is realized in suede, decorate with feathers, crystal and silk. The final result is a mix'n'match very elegant and really dramatic that made this shoes so right for a Siriano dress, for example.
A little thing that does't matter a lot, do you see the Siriano show for the following f/w? Don't you find it a bit "ouf of Siriano style"...? I found it really "boring" and stupid respect the classical "leegant" and scenographic Siriano's creations. 
However, I return to speak abotu these shoes. I love them because the "birds" referrement it's clear but not too heavy to cover the shoes and the sandal maintains "its identity" with a touch of extravagnt style that is ever cool. It's a "dangerous" mdoel becuase it's really easy to appear "stupid" or "ridicoulous" with that but  I think that it could be really elegant, too.

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