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This is surely one of the most discussed trend of the last spring... We started to see "plastic bags" on the runway with Louis Vuitton s/s 2010, where Marc Jacobs decided to purpose two version of a really expensive bag (2000 dollars). I think that everyone agree that the Vuitton bags were the worst example of this new kind of bag and showed what it means "pay only for the brand name". 
However, this year Jil Sander (for 100 dollars) purposes some acetate bags that could be an interesting innovative solution for make a look funnier or younger. Furthermore, the bag has an aesthethic that is so right for the spirit of the show and its style, so Raf Simons made a wonderful product where the relation between price and quality is good.
But, I see another version of the Jil Sander "bag". The shape of that bag is really with the shopper that you find at the supermarket. So, Margiela presented (not on the runway, only in the shops) a bag (available in brown and black) that has the same shape of the Sander's one but that is realized in leather and that cost more or less 400 dollars. Also in this case the bag reflects perfectly the style of the maison. However, I have to say that I don't like the Margiela bag becuase I think that here the "famous minimalism" of the maison appear a bit "old" and sad. So, I believe that only Simons, for Sander, understood the real "power" (and the limits, too) of this trend, or better of these accesories. In fact the only use of this kind of materials/kind of bags, is to make a look funny and not cheap/sad/ boring. Vuitton, absolutely crazy (the price) and so cheap the appearance. Margiela could make every look sad, not funny: I'm almost annoyed by those bags.
Simons, amazing...I love his style and the style that he is giving to Jil Sander: like Prada a new kind of "minimalism" where the shapes and the cuts are minimalistic but the colors are funny...not the "dark" minimalism of Armani, for example.

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