Lady Gaga...Valentino green leather coat!

I don't want to speak always about Lady Gaga but is just that I saw this amazing Valentino green leather coat on Net-a-Porter and I would like to write about it and so I think that to show a nice celeb that wore it would have been more interesting. So, even if we are used to the strange outfits of Lady Gaga for the first time she just wore something elegant and nothing else.  The coat is very simple and I think that even if I don't like the philosophy of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli I believe  that they are amazing in creating accessories and coats. The dresses are very sophisticated but not so interesting, they are too boring even if Franca Sozzani appreciate them a lot. The peculiarity of the coat is the perfect silhouette, the bright color and the double breasted bottons with some details on the shoulder that are between the military style and the classic "elegance" of the coats.

Images by: 
Vogue Italia 
Red Carpet Fashion Awards 

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