Noritaka Tatehana...skyscraping platform!

Noritaka Tatehana was born in Japan 1985 and he recently created his own brand. I think that you have yet seen some of his very recognizable creations. The key-concept (or if you want the DNA of the maison) of these shoes is the "withouth-heel" sky scraping shoes. The power of these  pieces of art is all in the platform and could remind (just to quote some example from the Runway) the Nina Ricci by Theyskens shoes from the f/w 09/10 or the Berardi ones from s/S 2008; if we think to the fall collection we could think about the wedges of McQueen; if we think to the s/s 2012 there is Zanotti with this amazing wedges. Now the biggest fans are Lady Gaga and Daphne Guinnes. It's like Lady Gaga is living with these show since she wears theme everywhere. I like the idea of having an "invisible heel" of on average 10 inches (25 centimetres) that allow you to seem tall with an avant-garde outfit without adding "heavy heels" (from the aesthethic perspective) to the outfit. The only doubt is about the future of this designer: how long can Tatehana go on with this shoes? Wouldn't they look boring if every season he shows the same concept? If he changes his style (other kind of shoes) wouldn't he change the own DNA of the maison and, so, loose his own identity?... Too much questions, but at the moment I appreciate the unpredictable shoes of this Japanese designer.).

Images via:
Noritaka Tatehana
Gaga Fashionlad
Daphne Guinness

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