A-Morir...visionary sunglasses!

This is one of the new brands which were showing their creations at the Vogue Talents Corner at Palazzo Morando.
A-Morir is a unique and creative eyewear collection by Kerin.Rose. A lot of celebs such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna or Ke$ha wore these sunglasses. The use of pearls, decoration and unusual details make these sunglasses absolutely interesting and innovative. I especially love the artistic perspective of this brand that give more importance to fashion than to the commercial side. It's very nice that there are still up-and-coming brands which care about fashion and not just money. This nice young designer developed also some sunglasses like the black ones that outside look all "closed" but from the behind of the lenses you can easily watch thanks to a handmade lavoration. The use of gold and  crystals help, as well, to make these pieces of art more glamourous and contemporary. I really suggest you to visit the website and to find out something more about this amazing talent.
My favorite one are the feathers one and the black one, which are your favorite ones?

Images from:
A morir by Kerin Rose

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