Maison Martin Margiela...lamp!

Speaking about a large bottle lamp could appear stupid but I would like to put the attention on how the fashion world is "conquering" every aspect of our life and integrating with everything. So, I post this lamp but I could think about the candles of Margiela and Gucci, for example, about the Bicycles (Fendi, Gucci, Chanel...), about the snowboard (Chanel...) and so on. 
By the way, Margiela is one of the brand which owns an hotel, wich creates avant garde pret-a-porter and haute couture, wich has a unique point of summary, wich matches design and fashion. I'm thinkig to the transparent shoes, for example. So, this maison is an example, a model, of fashion wich is intergrated in everything and this allows "fashion" to be more open, more "innovative" and so to develop more interesting ideas. I would like that more brands apply this philysophy that is also the one of Armani (armani home, hotel and the rtw/haute couture), Fendi (home and  rtw), Missoni (home, hotel and rtw), Versace (home, hotel and rtw), Ralph Lauren (home, hotel and rtw), Oscar de la Renta (home, hotel and rtw).
So, it's true that a lot of brands are applying this èhilosophy: adding to their "classical fashion things" other things of the daily life... but I believe that Margiela is the only one to have a really UNIQUE concept-design idea on which it develops all its creations.

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