Sergio Rossi...fall 2011

Francesco Russo, the creative director of Sergio rossi, developed an amazing collection that brings us to a faboulous place that we can call in a lovely way "sergio's wonderland". The geometric shapes of the boots, butterflies everywhere and one or two ruches on each shoes made these shoes absolutely amazing.  The color are shining but not exaggerated and the shape of these shoes is not so "strange or innovative", everything is based on the details of decorations such as butterflies, ruffles or huge polka dots.
I do like that some shoes designer, brands, such as this one, decides not to develop the overall appearance of the shoes on shape or extravagance but on color, details and geometries. It's a great innovation because today there is the idea that if you want to be "innovative", anticonformist (speaking about shoes...) you have to create a strange, sculptured heel, or an extravagant shoes...This is cool, I love it but it's nice, too, when someone shows that's possible to be fashion, to create avant-garde without making shoes absolutely strange and, often, unwearable. 

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