John Richmond gothic!

I saw this campaign on the "L'uomo Vogue" magazine and I'm really sorry that some parts of these pics are deleted but I hope you could understand the "meaning" the same. These drawings communicate the essence of the gothic and rock'n'roll style of John Richmond. The black and white and the dark style of the adv I believe that give us the best image of this maison. I do love that this campaign is not the classic one where clothes, accessories and so on are simply "shown"... here the idea is to express the DNA of Richmond and not just a collection.
There are some words written on the adv, I tried to enlarge them but I don't think that you can see them. So I write these "sentences",.
"Lies sex religion", "destroy disordinate disorder", "vos quod intereo fuck" ("intereo" is a latin verb that means "to die", "vos" means "you" and "quod" means "because or that"  and the sentence could be translated, but I'm not sure as "you that I kill, fuck!".
All these phrases express a feeling of "disorder" that these brand communicates through its collections. These words, in the order in which they are put and with these drawings, give us a sense of "movement" and "chaos", that has a wonderful effect for me. 

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