Spring prints...Tahiti and fruits!

Stella McCartney and Prada prints, for this spring are appearing in every editorial and almost everyone loves them. The chic appeal, the sense of summer and funny approach to fashion is abosolutely  gorgeus. Fashion magazines, fashion cities, fashions tores and fashion customers  in general are in big cities. It's difficult to find, for example, a Gucci boutique in the countryside. So, we need to leave the stress that is caused by the city life and the conformist elgance. The designers, as they only know how to do, abandon these schemes and purposed a wonderful trend. Gaultier in his Haute Couture decided to use "tahiti prints", taking inspiration from Mexico, and Just Cavalli too. Moschino follows the trends and the amazing thing is that every brand present its own interpretation of this concept (and this personal approach is something that sometimes brand forget and, unfortunately, they copy each other).
So for this spring the idea is beautiful but I hope that these tendance will be developed in the right way, maybe on the style of Stella McCartney (and not Cavalli...please!) that is the designer who shows the most elegant version of fruits print.

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