Hermès...lively adv!

Hermès campaign are always interesting. In fact, this brand makes adv that aren't a simple "show" of clothes, accessories and so on but Hermès tries with its campaigns to express the spirit of the collections or the maison.
In this specific case, a particular effect gives a lot of movement to all the pics and each shoes, bags....is matched with a "common object" such as scissors, hammer.... The color are bright  and in the first image we can admire a foulard that is "extended" to cover completely the body of that woman.  The image of this huge foulard was the one from which I was amazed. In fact, in that pic there are some small jars where there are some jam or, they also remind me, an ancient japanese medicine that use "colorated fires" to cure every disease. However, apart from each itnerpretation, it's clear that this image has a great aesthetic that, for me, made the adv one of the most beautiful of this s/s.

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