Bottega soft!

Bottega Veneta's handbags are so famous that sometime it looks boring to speak about them. However I think that Maier is doing a great work at this maison and sometimes it's interesting to stop and think about the concept on which he develops Bottega Veneta's bags. We all know Bottega Veneta for its luxury bags and intrecciato. But what about shapes?? For this spring, but in general too, the brand use soft shapes. We see that this s/s is caracterized by a great use of this kind of shape. Jil Sander Market bags (in plastic and in leather), Margiela Market bag, McQueen Faithfull, Marni... This is the time to leave strong and structured shape for softer ones. This is not an opinion shared universally but I think that is a right concept speaking about Bottega Veneta.
These three models are really different and the first two pics represent new bags of this spring. The last one is a classic bag. We see in all these bags a deconstructed shape where every single line is soft and the leather looks like a "flying on the bags". This effect, that is more clear in the first bag, makes these bags more new and interesting. The leather is really soft and so the aesthetic is more natural and less artificial than normal bags. This aspect is underlined by the "corners": they are "beveled" in order to improve the roundish appearance of the bags.

Images via:
Bottega Veneta

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