An amazing cluth...and other things!

The idea to develop the theme of scarab beetle on earring, bracelets and clutch is amazing. I watn to put your attention on the clutch, almost 8000$ on Bottega Veneta's website, and the nmoves it to other things. I love all the fashion jewellery and the colors of it; for me are amazing.
I thought to purpose you a match for the clutch and the jewellery. I thought to this wonderful Chloè dress with some chiffon and developed on the green thones! The model of the dress. that reminds us the greek godness, is so "in" today. Then for the shoes I thought to a pair of YSl tribute sandals made in ostrich or for a very particular pair of flat, by Bottega Veneta, colored with a lot of different, schocking, greens. I love all the things that I purposed ot you!

Images and shop on-line via:
Bottega Veneta

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