Ijust came back from New Zealand. First of all, I'm so sorry that Ididn't comment all the past posts of the bloggers who follow me but Ifind quite complicated, right now, commenting two months of postingand in this period I'm kinda busy. I apologise not to write aboutfashion week as well but now Milan is almost ended and I find senselessspeaking just about Paris. So, I'm gonna basically continue with mywinter post and when summer will come I will post about thesecollections.I don't write anything about New Zealand but I just saythat is terrible for fashion and there isn't even vogue.
Now,I speak about this presentation because I was invited and I quitelike the collection. I also post some pics of an event sponsored byVogue Italia at Palazzo Morando in Via Sant'Andrea, MIlano, were someup-and-coming designers (also quite well-known like CamillaSkovgaard) I also met a sungasses designer (that makes amazingsunglasses) of which I will speak asap. I hope you enjoy yourholidays (even if now it's quite late to speak about them) and I missall of you so much. 

Now,two words about A-Lab Milano (last few pics). This new brand is allabout geometries and prints. This season looks very interestingespecially for the details and the realistic aesthethic of thedresses, the color are really amazing.

Furla,this is the second time that I went to their presentation and I lovethem. They make an affordable kind of fashion but that looks verysophisticated and never boring. The use of ostrich and crocodileprints is always interseting and the studds give that kind ofuniqueness to the bags. The shapes are pretty classic but the details(like I was saying the ostrich basis, the piton one, is just genial)or the simplicity (the fluo cotton bags are absolutely glamourus)make these bags so fresh. What I like of this brand is the practicalapproach to the bags (that is absolutely usefull, you notice it fromthe applied pockets on the bags or all the zips which caracterizedthis bag) and their young appearance. Sometimes I find that fashionis going to be old also the "young lines" (like Miu MIu)make colections for all the ages (from my point of view they loosethe “original purpose of the brand”) and it is really cool to seethat this brand is saving a "young soul". There are alsosome touches of pure creativity like the two bags with that "fur"that remind me last prada fur coats and a Comme des Garçonscollection of some years ago (just the fur, the bag is absolutelynew). The transparent totes with those glittering colors are verynice and they present in a new way the trend of transparence (beforewas showed Chanel, then Prada and in the end the Miss Sicily of Dolce& Gabbana).

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